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Program Circles – Introducing a Fresh Approach to Interact with Fellow NAUA Members

CIRCLES was created to provide NAUA members with a platform for getting to know each other better and to explore shared interests. It’s the NAUA version of a Coffee hour-only virtual. The advantage over the in-person coffee hour is that you get to talk to and listen to everyone in the room, instead of focusing on the people you already know. The CIRCLES are very flexible, individualized and decentralized.  As such, they rely on the membership to provide ideas and inspiration for ongoing success.

We started in February with a couple of CIRCLES that are currently meeting twice a month.   They are primarily conversational, unstructured events, similar to a dinner party, that generally last about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. We expect that these CIRCLES will last about 10 weeks depending on the group.

We have recently added FORUM CIRCLES. The first one started in early May and meets weekly. Each session focuses on a specific topical or controversial issue or problem society faces. Readings are sent 3 or 4 days prior and after a brief introduction and overview of the topic, each participant is encouraged to share their views.  The first 4 or 5 topics have been selected in advance. Then members will decide on the topics and lead the discussion.

There is nothing that limits what we can set up. For instance, if you are interested in the more traditional small group ministry format or something more spiritually focused, that could also fit under the CIRCLES umbrella.

If you wish to take part, kindly express your interest by emailing, sharing a brief note about your interest in joining the next new CIRCLE or any other ideas you may have, and we will promptly respond.  Please put “NAUA CIRCLES” in the subject line of your email.