NAUA is a growing Association of Unitarians, Universalists, and other religious liberals. We are working together to support one another in our individual and congregational efforts to make our world happier and more just through the practice and promotion of our liberal religious values.

NAUA summarizes these values, which emerged during the Renaissance and flourished during the Enlightenment, as freedom, reason, and tolerance, and considers them fundamental for any society to demonstrate respect for the worth and dignity of every person.

  • Freedom: Every person must be free to think and speak for themselves and to choose their own purposes and meaning in life.
  • Reason: Every person has the capacity to reason and consider the empirical evidence before them in their pursuit of truth and understanding. Ideological dictums and religious dogmas should not be imposed upon them.
  • Tolerance: Every person, regardless of their specific ideologies and identities, should have equal standing and equal access to the benefits and protections of society.

NAUA, thus, seeks to serve and support religious liberals in their efforts and ministries to promote such dignity amongst themselves, their communities, and in the world at large.

Current Board: The founding NAUA members have elected a provisional Board of Directors. A new Board will be elected at the first Annual General Meeting.

  • President: Rev.  Dr. Todd Eklof, Spokane WA.
  • Vice President: TBD
  • Treasurer: Lynn Jinishian, Spokane WA.
  • Secretary: Frank Casper, Atlanta GA
  • Directors at Large:
    • Ron Strange, Port Townsend WA
    • Terry Anderson, PhD, Edmonton AB
    • Candace Schmidt, Spokane WA
    • Richard Gammon, Spokane WA
    • Robert Jinishian, Spokane, WA
    • Mike Long, Charlotte, NC