Banned Children’s Books

The past year has seen a distinct increase in the number of books banned in our schools. Some of these bans focus on books promoting gender and sexual topics. Sometime these bans are instigated by government decree, as in Iowa.  Other times bans are coming from the far left inspired by zealous proponents of these issues. This is illustrated in this amazing article about policy in one of Canada’s largest school districts 

Obviously, Unitarian Universalists are just one of our valued social institutions afflicted  with the CRT virus.  And right wing governments are taking this opportunity to indoctrinate our children as well with  bans of their own.

We are in desperate need of a vaccine!  One that vanquishes the foes of Freedom, Reason and Tolerance from both the left and the right.


New issue of the Liberal Beacon

We are pleased to share Issue #8 of the Liberal Beacon. 

This issue features 4 feature articles,  a tribute to Rev. Dr. Finley Campbell and a list of upcoming NAUA activities.

We hope you enjoy this issue and share it with a friend or leave a comment!

We wish you all of the best for the New Year with hope that it brings needed peace in our country, communities and in the world.

The PDF Issue can be downloaded here.

Timely Unitarian History Lesson

In times of unrest and disagreement it is comforting to know that these times are not unique.  We have been challenged by different understanding and goals of our religious organizations in the past and in the present.

In this NAUA Academy video, Kevin McCulloch, details the transcendentalist critique of historical Christianity that created a rift in the Unitarian church. Although the National Conference of Unitarian Churches was founded in 1865, it took nearly 30 years for the conference participants to reach consensus on a statement that defined what it meant to be a Unitarian. 

Blessed are the Peackeepers

The recent events in Palestine/Israel and in the Ukraine gives us shocking awareness of the need for peace making. These type of long lived national and tribal warfare are an all too familiar component of our human history.  However, we know from experiences in Bosnia, South Africa, Peru and elsewhere that long standing grievances and wars can be resolved. 

This 12 minute episode from CBC News features interviews with professionals peace makers as well as  leading politicians who have led their countries out of very long standing grievances and wars.  

The video is an adaptation of the 60 minute from the CBC Ideas podcast  Inventing Peace.