What stage of Reaction to the Changes in Unitarian Universalism are you at?

In this insightful article, Dr. Stephen Polmar examines changes and reactions within the Unitarian movement using the famous stages of grief model developed by Dr. Kubler Ross.

This article was first published in the Oct. 2023 issue of the Liberal Beacon and bears reading -for a second time.  Many of us in the NAUA have reacted strongly against the critical theory driven agenda of most of the leadership in today’s Unitarian congregations. But where and how does that leave individuals with long records of service and support for their local congregation and the wider denominations?

This article helps us navigate our own internal feelings and may well help us move forward with understanding and resolve to make things better.

The whole issue of the Beacon, led by Stephen’s excellent article is available for download

Does this article resonate with your expereince. What stage of grief are you at?

I Before We Except Overseas – Tracing The Roots Of Our Multi-Century Identity Crisis

Most cultures of European descent cultivate individual identity more than other cultures of the world. We have to go back 60, or 100, or perhaps 300 years to find the roots of our contemporary debates over the role of identity in our society. One intriguing theory is that this focus on individual identity has been intentional and has a distinct purpose. This talk will look at some theories that help explain how we have ended up with increasingly destabilizing disagreements about culture and politics in North America and Europe.