Book cover of Used to be UU

Frank Casper and Jay Kiskel are long time Unitarians who are very concerned with the ideological and authoritarian shift happening in Unitarian Universalist congregations and organizations.  They also realized that there is no way for average Unitarian Universalists to communicate with one another.  Thus, they authored Used to be UU: The Systematic Attack on UU Liberalism and founded the Fifth Principle Project.

This five page PDF Executive Summary of the book overviews the main ideas and summarizes the controversies that continue to challenge Unitarians and their organizations.  Many UU leaders belief that dissidents like Casper and Kiskel are needlessly promoting these controversies.  The book makes the counter argument that something is deeply problematic with this ideological shift in UU organization and leadership.  

They invite you to read the book, think of how it does, or does not apply to your understanding of our Faith and to draw your own conclusions.